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Phil Leahy has appeared an expert witness in The Federal Court of Australia. The details of the case are still awaiting verdict.

(Realestate.com.au V Realestate1.com.au)

Please find below Phil’s experience relating to Expert Witness Services:

Practical Experience

I have been involved in the online industry since 1997 when I was vice chairman of Kiss FM Melbourne. Kiss FM was the 1st Australian radio station to broadcast live and then offer stream video stream the 1st to offer live chat on one of the 1st to stations in Australia set up a website. In 2002 I started selling products on eBay and within 5 years had become the largest seller on the eBay.com.au platform in all categories. During 2003 I set up my own website offering products to Australian & international consumers. In 2008 I sold my business to DealsDirect.com.au and shifted my focus toward the following:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • PPC (Pay Per Click Management)
  • Website Construction
  • Social Media
  • Education
  • Sales Platform

The business I operate (VeroSafe Pty Ltd) consists of the following:

  • Operation of eCommerce Sites
  • Consulting
  • Selling Services
  • Information gathering
  • Education & Training

My Clients include the following:

  • eBay
  • PayPal
  • Australia Post
  • DHL
  • Budget Rent a Car
  • Alibaba (China)
  • Singapore Post

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

I represent USA based SEOMOVES in Austrasia. My role is to assist the company in this region with delivering client reports to its customers. This requires a solid and practical understanding of SEO, website construction, online marketing, social media and ecommerce. The process also involves analysis of keywords and their impact on an online conversion.

PPC (Pay Per Click Management)

I represent French based Finch.com in Austrasia. My role is to assist the company in this region with connecting customers with their product offering and explaining the benefits of its search product. I have a practical knowledge in the area as website owner that invests in PPC on Google, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Website Construction

I represent New York based Ecommerce Partners http://www.ecommercepartners.net/  My role is to assist the company in this region with connecting customers with their product offering. Ecommerce clients include: CCN, Time Warner Cable and surfstich.com in Australia.

I have a practical understanding of best practice website construction that relates to user experience, CMS, 3rd party providers, landing page optimisation data analysis and planning to assist in constructing a best practice website.

Social Media

Practical knowledge of the impact of Social media on search and conversions. Focusing on websites such as Twitter, Facebook Youtube, Linkedin  & Blogs. I also have experience of buying advertising.

Sales Platforms

Platforms refer to site such as eBay, Amazon & Trading Post. I have a practical knowledge of how integrate with platforms and their place in ecommerce. I consult with all sizes of business on how to best use sales platforms and integration strageries.


My role includes attending major conference in the USA to source speakers & keep up to date with the latest developments in all aspects of online.

Operation of eCommerce Sites

I operate the following sites:

·      www.internetConference.com.au Dedicated to selling tickets to the annual PeSA Internet conference, providing information and communication sign ups.

·      http://www.shopnewyork.com.au Selling shoes online direct from the USA.

·      http://www.bowlsworld.com.au Dedicated to providing a forum (over 1500 members) for the lawn bowls community and sells Lawn bowls related products

·      Additionally I own over 100 domain names & other live information sites.


I offer the following consulting services:

·      Consulting service for medium to large size business on all aspects relating to the online industry.

·      Start up business planning

·      SEO

·      Platforms

·      Website construction

·      PPC Management

·      Social media set up and strategy

·      Research companies

·      Expert Witness Services

Selling Services

Representing companies that demonstrate best practices and success relating to following aspects of the online eco system.

·      SEO

·      PPC

·      Website Design

·      Website construction

·      Landing Page optimisation

·      User experience

·      Site Speed

·      Analytics

·      Applications

·      Software Development

·      Database management

Information gathering

Information gathering is critical to my client’s success.

Over the past 10 years I have attended industry conferences in Australia and the USA regularly (approximately 6 per year).  Maintaining relationships with leaders from majors companies that include Google eBay, & Amazon.

 Education & Training

I am the founder & managing director of one of Australia’s largest & leading conferences dedicated to assisting the online community with information that relates to ecommerce and the online eco system. The conference is now in it’s 6th year and holds an annual 3 day event with over 60 content sessions and 80 speakers and 600 attendees covering all aspects of online ecommerce. Our speakers include leading experts from the USA, Canada, China & United Kingdom and local industry leaders. My role includes attending major conference in the USA to source speakers & keep up to date with the latest developments, organize all content sessions, and liaise with exhibitors, and market the event.


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