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Landing Page Optimisation

LPO (Landing Page Optimisation) is essential to improve the percentage of visitors who arrive at your sites page and then buy. Landing page optimisation has one clear goal: To persuade visitors to buy your products or complete a goal (sign up). The landing page acts as your business’ professional storyteller that communicates to visitors as to why they are on the page and why they should take advantage of the benefits of your brand, product or idea.

With a fully optimised landing page, one that is extremely relevant to visitors, you will effortlessly convert site visitors into buying customers by appealing to their buying behaviours or successfully capture leads that you can sell to over and over again.

A good landing page has the following key elements:

·      Extremely relevant to the visitors

·      A simple and easy to follow page layout

·      A killer headline

·      Highly persuasive body that tells a good story

·      Powerful calls to action

Keeping it Simple

Some of the best and most effective landing pages are clutter-free. They have minimalistic site layout with nothing more than keyword-optimised title, headline, body and a video or two. The benefit of having a simple and minimalist design is that it compels visitors to focus on the story your landing page tells.

The Killer Headline

The headline acts as a magnet that attracts visitors to learn more about what you have to offer with grabber words and a compelling promise. The headline also includes the keywords that your business is optimising for. That’s why it’s crucial that every best practice and effective technique should be incorporated into you landing page’s headline.

A killer headline has the following key elements:

·      Keyword-optimised

·      Has a sense of urgency

·      Presents a specific benefit

·      Attention-grabbing power words

The Hook and the Path

The body of your landing page tells the story of your product or idea. It is structured so that the first few sentences of the body hooks your visitors to the story and leads them to the promise or benefits. Generally, the body will state the solutions or address the “what’s in it for me?” question that every visitor may have.

Powerful Call to Action

After appealing to your visitors’ buying behaviour in the body so that they now have a burning desire for your product or idea, the landing page should help them achieve what they want with a call to action. The call to action helps facilitate the sale with links pointing visitors to where they can complete the purchase or take the next step in the sales process.

How OME can Help

At Online Market Experts, we pride ourselves with having 10 years experience in selling online. With our deep understanding of how the sales process for various industries works we can help you with your specific landing page needs.

To learn more about our customised landing page optimisation, call us at +61 3 9505 9988 today.


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