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Pay Per Click Management

Pay per click (PPC), also known as Cost per click,can be one of the most profitable methods of advertising online; selecting keywords and relevant terms to appear on google in response to searches. PPC works on a simple advertising strategy - you pay only when a customer clicks on your advertisment they see from their search - hence it has the ability to very profitable for your busienss. At Online Market Experts, our experienced team work wiht clients to ensure a steady ROI can be returned from this form of online advertising.

What is PPC?

1)    Businesses  create advertsining consisting of titles, and breif creatives built on keywords that research shows are relevant and specificto what their target market will be searching for online.

2)    When an online user enters the keyword or phrases into a search enquiry; the search engine returns matches it deems to best fitted to match the search as well as ads paid for by businesses.

What are the Benefits?

Cost Effective: By setting what you are prepared to pay basedon the value of yuor goods and marketing budget; you make the advertising work for you finacially.

Control & Flexibility: linking your ad words to your inventory in terms on quantity, price and terms allows you to present your busienss how you want it to be presented.

Measurable: Many forms of advertising is not measurable; the beauty of PPC is that every facet of spending can be linked to traffic and or conversion metrics - meaning only spend money when you make money.

Pay Per Click Management

Reach: One of the best benfits of interenet advertising is reach - gain access to the wide world web. No longer is your advertsiing linked or limited to traditional readership/databsae or location.

Relevancy: your business has the ability to target words, phrases and terms that are of most relevant to your busienss - no need to have a blanket approach to marketing - PPC allows for snipers to get your busienss; always relevant and presenting how you want to be seen.

If terms receive huge search volumes - this may not be a good thing - the key is to be relevant to the search from the user- presenting a product they are looking for; failing to be relevant may mean that your busienss could potentially spend hundreds of dollars before seeing a conversion. Your conversion rate will increase when the keywords you have match to a relevant and specific landing page - acquiring a customer to your site - only for them to need to do more searches is going to lower conversion.

PPC campaigns for a business must also be complimented by a ufficent funded and maintained Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Reporting:  There is a plethora of data avilable for the online business owner these days - drillig down this reporting will ensure that what you spent on advertising you receive back and then some more.

Why choose Online Market Experts?

Google, Yahoo! & Bing allow business owners the ability to set up a PPC campaign on their own, however competing against professionals and experienced search marketing experts  can see some businesses burn through their budget quickly and become disheartened with the PPC model for online sales - opening up more areas for competitors.

At Online Market Experts we provide a great deal of attention and know-how in managing PPC campaigns so you get the most out of your budget. Businesses can leverage from our experience to minimize their risk and get results.

Contact us today and learn more about how Online Market Experts can help your business succeed.


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