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Social Media Set up and Strategy

Online social media is one of the most cost effective ways to gain further customers; increase brand reach, retain current customers, and engage in a meaningful way with your customers. Some will say that social platforms can not be used to icnrease sales - however at Online Market Experts we know how to increase revune and to give real ROI information back to retailers. There are many social platforms available and at OME we leverage our experience with our partners to provide your business with strategies for each aspect of social media assisting you to implement the strategy and assist with the ongoing maintenance of social campaigns.

Online Market Experts have agrrements, experince with the best providers of social media support in the world - taking our knowledge and passion to your business and ensuring succesful social media campaigns acroos all social channels.

Social Media is one of the most powerful online marketing channels that every business seeking to grow online should take advantage of. Facebook, for example, is becoming an indispensable social media platform. With over 900 million active users visiting the site on a monthly basis, with each user spending huge amounts of time on the site, marketers are scrambling to get a piece of Facebook’s precious online real estate to get their brands in front of consumers.

Social Media Benefits

There are lots of great benefits that businesses can gain from social media. Recent studies have shown that successful social media strategies result in the following:

·      Increase sales and see ROI

·      Effective brand awareness

·      Acquisition of new customers

·      Increase customer engagement

·      Increase in online reach

·      Better customer retention

Organisations that are actively engaged in social media marketing enjoy better conversions and see significant improvements in their bottom line.

Social Media Platforms


Over the last five years there has a been a huge explosion of social media platforms, but some of the more important ones that have proven track record in improving business and customer relationships include:

·      Facebook

·      Twitter

·      LinkedIn

·      Google+

·      Pinterest

These platforms have provided businesses with increased customer base, better customer engagement and improved revenue. In fact, with the advent of social media, some big businesses are gradually departing from traditional advertising, as social media proved its worth as a viable alternative to the more expensive forms of advertising via print and broadcast media.

How OME can Help

We at Online Market Experts leverage our 10 + years of experience selling online. We’ve seen how Internet marketing has matured and how social media has evolved to become a force to reckon with. We can guide you through understanding this remarkable online marketing channel and come up with highly customised social media marketing campaigns for your brand.


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