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  • We are excited by rapid change and emerging technologies in eCommerce.

  • OME exists to help people achieve profit and build long-term businesses.

  • We are here to help you make the right decisions when investing in online.


  • We believe that retailers have a complex task of finding information that will help their business and time is the most important commodity in the online space.

  • How do you choose when so many claim to be experts? We know that our experience in retail brings a genuine understanding of the challenges of operating online and we are focused on representing the best solution providers to help you be profitable.

  • We enjoy our work of gathering information and networking with industry peers across the world to bring you solution providers that are the best in the industry.


  • We listen, we observe and we understand your business today and where you want to take it into the future.

  • We connect you with world’s best providers.

  • If we don’t have the answer we know where to get it.

How do we approach your business needs?

  • We provide independent advice and access to our network of international and local partners.

  • We understand that everyone is different in aspirations and budget and that there is a minefield of people claiming the know how to achieve online success.

  • We are focused on increasing sales and reduce costs using online as a medium for customer acquisition and retention. We specialize in search engine prominence and providing information on professional web site construction and consulting related services.

How does our approach help your business?

Online Market Experts have been in business for more than 10 years assisting businesses of all sizes to grow and develop online. We do hands-on research for our customers by attending and speaking at conferences across the world, learning and networking with global eCommerce leaders and seeking evidence of proven success. Our industry partners, combined with our experience from years of online retailing are here to assist your business for success.


We dislike theorists - we are attracted to facts

Ask about our blueprint for success report that reviews current practices and then connects them to proven industry best practice recommendations; giving your business the blueprint for success.


Small Business Services

Small Business Services:

If you're starting small or intend staying small, it's all about return on investment. We have the experience of building online businesses from scratch to multi million companies. We understand the challenges of being small in a competitive marketplace.
  Large Business Services

Large Business Services:

We are here to help large business through our hands on experience in online retailing. We are driven, not by our understanding on the newest technological gadget or idea, but by business pragmatism (it must make money).


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