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Search Engine Optimisation

Just how crucial is Search Engine Optimisation? If your business is not visible within the first page of the search engines, your target customers will find your competitors instead. In e-commerce, the old idea that if you build it they will come doesn’t cut it anymore. You have to execute solid strategies that will easily bring your business right in front of your target consumers as they search for you.

At Online Market Experts we pride ourselves in executing proper Search Engine Optimisation strategies that are according to the set of SEO rules. With our strategies we help you easily get found by your target customers.

Thorough Keyword Research

At the heart of every SEO strategy are the keywords. These are the set of words that your target customers enter on the search engines to find what they need. It’s extremely important that your website is optimised for the right set of keywords that have a good number of demands but with low competition.

That’s where we come in. With the right set of tools, we help you find the best keywords that best describe your business, as well as the set of key phrases that are associated with it. These are words that can easily rank you high on search results, even allowing you to dominate Google’s first page. We then optimise your site and its pages with these keywords to allow Google and your customers to easily know what your page is about.

On-page optimisation

After finding the right set of keywords for your business, we proceed with optimising every page of your site with those keywords and related key phrases. But our strategy is carefully planned and executed according to the rules of SEO. Otherwise, we run the risk of getting your site removed from the search index.

We make sure that every page with texts, videos and images are properly tagged with the keywords you are optimising for so that your business will appear in every type of search results.

Off-page optimisation

Optimising your page is only one part of the SEO battle. Google must see how other sites are linking to yours. That’s why we need to execute proper strategies to create links to your site from other high quality pages. This strategy called off-page optimisation ensures that there are a good amount of quality links pointing to your site from social media, video sites and blogs that are related to your business.

We will recommend or help you execute proper social media marketing strategies, online video marketing, blogging, guest blogging and article distribution.

How Online Market Experts can help

With our 10 years of practical experience in Search Engine Optimisation, we can help you get to the top so that when people look for you, they find you instantly. We will work closely with you to learn your business goals and help you achieve those goals using cutting edge tools and techniques that we have learned to take advantage of to help businesses dominate their niches.

Contact us today to learn more about the right Search Engine Optimisation strategies that we can plan for your business.


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