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Landing Page Optimisation

One of the most important elements of running an online business is landing page optimisation which has one encompassing goal: To convert site visitors into buying customers. For small businesses, it could be quite a financial stretch to run traditional ads, but with an effective and fully optimised landing page, they could trump the competition.

A landing page serves as your business’ professional salesman that tells visitors why they are on the page and why they should take advantage of the benefits of your brand, product or idea.

With a landing page that’s optimised and extremely relevant to visitors, you will effortlessly and effectively influence site visitors’ buying behaviours or you can successfully gain new leads with whom you can market to over and over again.

Element of a good landing page

A good landing page has the following key elements:

·      Extremely relevant to the visitors– A landing page is keyword-optimised so that visitors and search engines know what the page is all about.

·      A simple and easy to follow page layout– Cut to the chase and allow your visitors to get the whole point of your page by cutting important points to smaller pieces that are easy to follow.

·      A killer headline– Attract readers with powerful and magnetic headlines using grabber words that capture attention.

·      Highly persuasive body that tells a good story– People don’t like to be sold; they like to buy, and with great landing page copy you will effortlessly influence your visitors’ buying behaviour.

·      Powerful calls to action– After showing in the body what your visitors want, it’s time to help them get it with a powerful call to action that shows them exactly how.

How Online Market Experts can help you create powerful landing pages

We at Online Market Experts are confident of our skills developed by our 10 years of online marketing experience with clients from various industries. We understand Internet marketing and we know how an effective landing page works. This is what we would like to share with you.

Find out more about our customised landing page optimisation by calling us at +61 3 9505 9988 today. One of our friendly staff will be with you to walk you through the process.


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