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Website Platforms Integration

These days, consumers have a wider range of channels to choose from when purchasing online. There’s eBay, Amazon, social media and your own e-commerce site. If you are running a small business that only relies on your own e-commerce website, you could be missing out on a lot of exposure and revenue opportunities, especially if you are offering a wide range of products.

If such is your case, it’s crucial to have a presence on multiple channels, not just on social media, but also on major marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. By setting a strong presence on these marketplaces, you will gain that much needed exposure to capture more leads and increase sales.

But that could also increase your work load.

The need for solid website and platforms connectivity

As an entrepreneur running a small e-commerce business with other platforms to take care of such as an eBay or Amazon store, managing inventory and tracking sales could take a toll on your time, time that you could be spending on other more important things such as growing your business.

You need to put everything under one roof. You need to seamlessly integrate your eBay and Amazon channels into your own e-commerce site for the following advantages:

·      Effective inventory management

·      More efficient sales tracking

·      Provide a better online shopping experience for your customers

·      Save you time

How Online Market Experts can help you integrate your marketing channels with your site

With our 10 years of experience in online marketing, we understand how complicated it is to run several marketing channels, but we also know how easy it is to integrate all of them under one roof.

Online Market Experts Founder and Managing Director Phil Leahy also the Founder and Managing Director of the annual PeSA Internet Conference. Watch the highlights of the 2012 conference here:

                                     We know marketplaces like eBay

With our robust e-commerce tools and highly skilled developers with years of combined experience, we can help you simplify small business e-commerce with our cutting-edge integration platform.


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