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Social Media Set up and Strategy

Social media today seems to be all over the place. Big media companies such as Forbes and Inc. are all over it, and social media is poised to set the business world by storm. Indeed, social media presents a huge opportunity especially for small businesses, as it offers them a wider reach and access to millions of potential customers.

With Facebook alone, with its over 900 million active monthly users, small businesses will have a cheaper way to get their products and services right in front of highly targeted customers than with a traditional marketing model.

Why small businesses should take advantage of social media

Social media is one of the best online marketing channels that could provide small businesses with an opportunity to dominate a niche. It’s also a way for small businesses to level the playing field against bigger organisations. The benefits of social media are astounding:

·      Effective brand awareness

·      Acquisition of new customers

·      Increase customer engagement

·      Increase in online reach

·      Better customer retention

Studies have shown that small businesses that have embraced social media have seen dramatic improvements in customer growth and revenue.

The social media platforms

Over the years, there has been an explosion of new social media tools and social networking sites that empower businesses. If you are running a small business and are looking to take advantage of social media, you can choose to dominate your niche with one or all of the following social media platforms:

·      Facebook

·      Twitter

·      Pinterest

·      LinkedIn

·      Google+

These social media platforms have helped small businesses effectively compete with other more established ones in terms of gaining new customers, providing better customer engagement and improving revenue. In fact, with the arrival of social media, many businesses have abandoned traditional advertising methods and utilised social media as their main method of getting the word out about their products and services. The results were astounding.

How Online Market Experts can help

We at Online Market Experts take pride in our 10 years of online marketing experience. We’ve seen how Internet marketing has grown even before the days of social media. We understand social media as a business tool and we can guide you through understanding this remarkable online marketing channel to come up with highly customised social media marketing campaigns for your brand.

To learn more about Social Media Set Up and Strategy, call us at +61 3 9505 9988 today. We would be very happy to talk to you about how we can customise your social media marketing strategy to achieve your business goals.


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