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Meet Up ShopTalk Melbourne Meetup group for eCommerce professionals.

Farrell Tirtadinata on 30/01/2014

Shop Talk

Shoptalk is an industry organised meetup group for eCommerce professionals in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and New Zealand.

With so much movement in the industry and so many great minds living in and around Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and New Zealaned, it seemed silly that there wasn't a regular eCommerce focused meet-up group. 

Shoptalk was formed to fill this void. Each month, we'll bring together eCommerce experts and enthusiasts to share insights, tips and a drink.

When and Where?

Melbourne ShopTalk in 2014






Honey Bar









345 Clarendon Street, South Melbourne (map)





Melbourne ShopTalk will happen in 5th of March, 4th of June, 3rd of September and 3rd of December.

General format:

6.15pm - Bar tab opened and food served 

6.45pm - Industry expert panel discuss hot topic 

7.05pm - Open audience Q&A

7.20pm - Drink and food continued to be served


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